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The Forex Market


THE 8 main currencies and the 28 Forex pairs that are derived from those 8 currencies.

The market has to be seen always in equilibrium. If one currency is bought some other(s) must be sold. This we could call her money flow. (I may use terms in a different way as they are used usually in this strategy).

When we analyze the market we look at the whole market which to us is 8 currencies and 28 pairs.

Currency Strength 28 Forex Currencies Image

Currency Strength

Every single currency belongs to a single economy. Some currencies are trending up some currencies are trending down, this information you can not see from a single pairs chart.

To maximize your wins and minimize your losses you need to know what an individual currency is doing in the context of the whole market. 

Staying with our EURUSD example: a EURUSD chart will show you only 1/28th of the market so you only have a small amount of information to base your trading decision on.


Given that each currency can be paired with 7 other currencies you should be basing your trade decision on the information that all 14 pairs give you. By using Advanced Currency Strength28 Indicator you can get all that information from just one chart.

Forex Market Gap between currency prices

Currency GAP

The Currency GAP is taken from the strength of currencies. A GAP is upwards or downwards of a currency line in a defined angle for 2 periods (or candles after close). This we call the single-GAP.
We need to pair two single-GAPs of BASE and the QUOTE currency to have a trade on a currency pair. This we call a double GAP.

Market Fibonacci

Special features of Advanced Currency Strength28 Indicator. Market Fibonacci levels: these levels are used on the 8 currencies (not the 28 currency pairs).

Market Fibonacci Retracement Zones (MFib): are the magic levels for Currencies. These levels are used with currency-lines for potential reversal zones and strength sentiment. Market Fibonacci Retracement Zones are the 161 and 261 Market Fibonacci Levels.

Dynamic Market Fibonacci Levels Special Feature of Advanced Currency Strength
Currency Speed and Impulse with alert for MT4 MetaTrader Indicator

Currency SPEED

Special features of Advanced Currency IMPULSE with ALERT.
To extract more, much more information about the impulse strength of a currency GAP we have released Advanced Currency IMPULSE with ALERT.


It is used in addition to the Advanced Currency Strength28 Indicator. A deeper analysis of the currency about acceleration and speed will be printed. This will help you to make decisions about entry time and take profit time.

Market Momentum

Special features of the indicator Advanced Currency Strength28 Indicator are Market momentum: Trend, consolidation, and reversal.


The goal of the strategy is to find out in what sentiment the market is and what pair is good for trade and what pair it is not.


As a trader, you should know if the market is trending or if it is consolidating or reversing, this will give you information about how to trade.

Do we look for continuation or do we look for pullback/reversal? This is THE very important question all of the time and this strategy will give you the answer!

What would give a trader to know if a trend will continue, consolidate or reverse? Answers will be given here!

Market momentum tells if the Market is active, weak, or consolidated. Important information to know HOW to trade!

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